Lorraine Benjamin




I have been creating with fiber for as long as I can remember. As a child I would while away the      hours making sock dolls,       a crocheted scarf, hand- fashioned Barbie clothes

or a crewel work pillow. I began quilting in 1997, and immediately was intrigued with the design elements of the quilt. Thus began my whole hearted pursuit of color, repetition and texture. My creative “roots” are firmly embedded in the traditional quilt. I began to explore a more contemporary approach to my quilting in the year 2000. I soon joined a group of talented women known as the “Quilt Divas”.  We meet together monthly to critique, share technique and ignite our inspiration for the fiber arts. My art has always been a tangible “out-pouring” of my spiritual journey. Each of my pieces is a physical memorial that chronicles my growth as a mortal being.


I have lived in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Central New York, since 1993, when I married my husband ,Gary. Together, we have six children and four grandchildren. I work as a Hospice Nurse as well as own and operate a longarm machine quilting business. I show my quilts at local, state and national shows. I have been awarded several ribbons for my quilted creations including: Best of Show at the NYS Quilters Consortium and Best of Show at the NYS Fair, for my quilt, Eden Restored.


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