Donna Faivre-Roberts

Donna Faivre-Roberts, Lansing, NY

Donna's figurative sculptures are inspired by the beauty and perfection found in nature along the shores of Cayuga Lake. She finds peace and gifts there. After taking a moment to meditate and deepen her connection to this space, she asks for a simple gift. As she walks the shoreline, the treasures appear, soggy pieces of wood, sand, worn roots, rusty metal, sea glass, shells, stones and bones. These become her inspiration. 

After the gathering, washing, and sorting, she cleans and preserves each piece by rubbing with beeswax and orange oil. This is the moment a figure may emerge and she might see a wondrous spirit, angel, animal, goddess, or perhaps a bird. 

Then the "work” begins. Rarely is this process fast. More often it is a challenging three-dimensional puzzle to solve as wood is combined with polymer or paper clay, acrylic paint, and found objects. Her expertise in doll making enters in as she figures out how to unite these various parts into one of a kind pieces of art. 

Donna's figurative sculptures vary from whimsical and spiritual to dreamlike and surreal. This broad range of subject matter is suggested by the individuality and uniqueness of each piece of wood.

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