Dining for Women

Dining For Women, a national organization, empowers women living in extreme poverty by funding programs fostering good health, education, and economic self-sufficiency. It cultivates educational dinner circles inspiring individuals to make a difference through the power of collective giving. 

“Women Empowering Women”, shown below, is a collaboration between the Quilt Divas and the Ithaca, NY chapter of Dining for Women. The Quilt Divas transformed the DFW core belief of “empowering women towards self sufficiency” into a dynamic, nine-panel art quilt. 

Each artist researched an organization supported by DFW and illustrated the organization’s efforts to aid women in Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, Peru, and elsewhere. We hope this work will bring the plight of women living in extreme poverty closer to our hearts.


We have a winner! The Ithaca chapter leader and driving force behind the quilt, Miriam Bisk, hosted a gathering, and while DFW founder and president Marsha Wallace and executive director Gail Peay looked on via Skype, Muthone Kamau and her 10 month old son, Martin Luther, pulled the winning slip from the basket. And the winner is (drumroll): Judy Dugan from San Jose, CA! 

Congratulations Judy! 

"Wow, still grinning ear-to-ear about the quilt!" -  Judy Dugan


Drawing the ticket! Miriam Bisk, Muthone Kamau and Martin Luther

Photography by Kristin Thompson

Skype call: Gail Peay, Marsha Wallace and Miriam Bisk 

Photography by Kristin Thompson

All photography below for this project by Sheryl Sinkow, sinkowphotography.com


Women Empowering Women is a multi-media fiber artwork, 96" x 43", 2010 ©         
Click on the image above for a full-screen version.

Watch the preliminary PSA video, "Quilt Divas Help Save the World" by Bruce McKee. There are additional video links beneath the panels with interviews by the Quilt Diva artist.

"Women Empowering Women" is featured in Quilting Arts and CPS Studios assistant editor of special projects, Lindsey Murray's recent blog. Thank you Lindsey!

And a big thank you to the Sustainable Tompkins Board of Directors for recognizing the Quilt Divas and the Ithaca chapter of Dining For Women for their efforts to empower women worldwide towards sustainable self-sufficiency.

Click on the certificate for a larger image. 

Click on each panel image below for information on its creation.



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