Contact Information

Susan Andrews

Moravia, NY and Gulfport, FL

Contact Susan or visit her website

Lorraine Benjamin

Willseyville, NY

Contact Lorraine or visit her website

Carol Boyer

Syracuse, NY

Contact Carol or visit her website

Liese Bronfenbrenner

Ithaca, NY

Contact Liese

Elsie Dentes

Frederick, MD

Contact Elsie or visit her website

Joan Lockburner Deuel

Richford, NY

Contact Joan

Mary Diamond

Interlaken, NY

Contact Mary or visit her website

Sally Dutko

Fort Myers, FL

Contact Sally or visit her website

Donna Faivre-Roberts

Lansing, NY

Contact Donna

Terri Fendya

Homer, NY

Alice Gant

Trumansburg, NY

Contact Alice or visit her website

Anne Garretson
Contact Anne

Cindy Henry
Candor, NY
Contact Cindy

Sandra Holland
Cortland, NY
Contact Sandra

Maureen Jakubson
Ithaca, NY
Contact Maureen or visit her website

Noel Keith
Manlius, NY
Contact Noel

Prisckilla Kibbee
Bringhamton, NY
Contact Priscilla

Cheri Sheridan
Cortland, NY
Contact Cheri

Sharon Bottle Souva
Syracuse, NY
Contact Sharon or visit her website

Regina Sweet
Millport, NY
Contact Regina

Kristin Thompson
Ithaca, NY
Contact Kristin

Ruth A. White
Ithaca, NY
Contact Ruth or visit her website



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