Carol Boyer

I am a textile artist who deals mostly with fabric in my work. Both texture and color have become the main elements in my studies at the present time. Solving problems is another thing I enjoy, so I often set up small challenges for myself. While doing several projects on the same theme, I work until I feel I have finished exploring an idea thoroughly.  

This sometimes results is  a series that includes  over twenty pieces on one idea. Inspiration can come from almost anywhere as I find my interests expanding with time. The materials themselves can excite me along with experiences, nature and travel. By practicing my art almost daily, I find my life is full of a joyful bounty  of good fortune.

I graduated from Ball State University with a master’s degree in Art Education in 1970. Teaching in public schools, first in Indiana and, after moving to Syracuse in 1975, I taught art and computer programing at Onondaga Hill Middle school for 32 years. Retirement has given me the time to practice art full time for the past 15 years.

My work has been shown in many locations in New York. I won a first place ribbon at the Quilts=Art=Quilts at the Schweinfurth Art Center In Auburn NY  the first year it opened.  Then  I did not make get accepted  into the show again until 2018 with my Label Quilt.  Over the many years I have been making quilts, my work has been published in Quilters News Letter Magazine and my  work has been shown in shows from Maine to California. Private collectors across the United States  and the United Kingdom own my works. I have participated in the Cabin Fever Quilt show for 38 years. My work is for sale at the Baobab Tree Gallery in Bradenton, Florida and the Broad Street Gallery in Hamilton NY.

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